Our Mission

At the Bedford Ruler, we want to supply the best paint paddles to the manufacturers and distributors on the local and international markets.


Our Values

We will make the necessary efforts to satisfy fairly our customers, our employees and our community. We will respect people and the environment. We will encourage collaboration, initiative and open-mindedness.


Our products

  • 01
    Paint paddles

    Our best seller at Bedford Ruler, the paint paddle, can be manufactured in different lengths, widths and thicknesses with the ability to add your custom logo to the product.

  • 02
    Rulers and yard sticks

    The wooden ruler and yardstick have been our pioneering products at Bedford Ruler since 1939. They are available in different sizes and different colors.

  • 03
    Other products

    Custom made according to your needs, RBR offers various wood products to its customers.

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